TranscendNOW FAM Community
TranscendNOW FAM Community
Dr. Philip Agrios

Welcome to TranscendNOW FAM Community

Remove Your Success Blocks and Transcend Your Professional and Personal Life Now!

TranscendNOW FAMILY is an all-inclusive professional and personal group centering on people who want to stop Self-Sabotage and Transcend Now!

   It's where you...

  • Have personal access to Dr. Agrios
  • Get the skills to stop self-sabotage dead in its tracks
  • Receive powerful business tips to grow and succeed in your professional life
  • Learn how to increase your closing rates and explode your income 
  • Learn the latest health information in nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle
  • Uncover ways to have healthier, loving, and meaningful relationships in all aspects of your life
  • Collaborate, express your wins and challenges, share ideas and get help on your ideas, and bond with other business and career-minded individuals in a supportive and ad-free environment
  • Receive proprietary information you will not get from any other community

Why You Should Join:

EXCLUSIVE and UNLIMITED LIVE EVENTS with access to bi-monthly Q&A Zoom sessions, live masterclasses and live mini discussions with Dr. Agrios along with online courses.

Live Sessions: Dr. Agrios is live on Zoom where you can come and ask him any question regarding your professional or personal life.

Masterclasses: Each month you will have access to a different themed masterclass.

Behind the Scenes: We go behind the scenes with clients who have used our techniques to transcend their professional and personal lives. 

Deep Dive: Dr. Agrios will give you surefire strategies on that month's theme to use immediately for quick results.  

Can't make it? No worries. You have access to all of the recordings whenever you want as long as you are a member. 

You have free access to one of Dr. Agrios' most powerful online courses - RISE ABOVE ADVERSITY: How To Trust In Life And Unleash Your Inner Power! ($497 Value). How to effectively rise above any adversity, no matter how big or small.

ACCESS TO PROPRIETARY INFORMATION continually updated. Powerful information on ways to stop self-sabotage by diving deep into your Hidden Sabotaging Trait, the Antidote, Nature's Blueprint and so much more of Dr. Agrios' discoveries which will not be found anywhere else but here.

Get more organized, and focused and follow through on tasks. 

Value yourself, create boundaries, and attract without guilt the people and things you know you deserve.

Express and be confident in your communication to others to honor and respect your brilliance. 

Powerful business tips to increase your bottom line, improve team building and productivity, resolve conflict immediately, improve your leadership skills, and provide sales training. 

Discover how to take care of your body with nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle tips very few people know.

Engage and receive feedback 24/7 with an active, inspiring, intentional, and supportive learning community.

Be the first to know about new products and courses.

Discounts on courses.

Daily questions, polls, and chats to keep you up to date on challenges others have that you can learn from.

And so much more!

About Dr. Philip Agrios - Founder

Founder - Dr. Philip Agrios is a Business Breakthrough Specialist, international speaker and best-selling author who guides businesspeople worldwide to move from self-sabotage to a self-made success by uncovering an inborn trait that stops their success. 

Tragic events that affected his personal and professional life sparked him on a quest to understand human behavior to its core. 

While working with thousands of people for over 30 years, he was able to discover a revolutionary way to avoid self-sabotage and transcend now.

He used to be a chiropractic physician and integrative medicine practitioner, specializing in thyroid and autoimmune diseases with very high success rates by using specialized nutrition, exercise, and healing techniques. 

His business clients not only get his knowledge on how to run successful businesses but also information that helps them to increase their energy and live longer and healthier lives.

You too will have that knowledge here in this community to be successful on a professional and personal level.


If you are here, you either were invited by someone or you know Dr. Agrios. 

Here is how you access this amazing community.

UNTIL JANUARY 1, 2023, this community is free. 

WHY? Because we want all of our past, current, and future clients to check out what we have created.

Also, people who have no clue who Dr. Agrios is will have access to check out the information here to see if this is beneficial for them.

Once January 1st rolls around, then this community will be $997/year ($1,164 savings) or $97/month. 

After January 1st, if you're already a client due to your participation in Transcendence 101, Transcendence 201, TranscendNOW Mastermind, or Fast-Track to Success Mentoring Programs, then access is included for the duration of your program.  

If you're thinking, "Yeah... but I still can't get in!"
Then email [email protected] and let's get that working.

PS - We're real people.  This isn't automated. And we keep it super exclusive.  So if you join at 2 am, then we're probably sleeping and will get this fixed in the AM.